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Our KB Home developed numerous problems including ceiling issues and a large slab crack. We feel that we have been left stuck with issues that significantly reduce our homes value. Do you really want to buy a KB Home with the kind of quality standards shown below?


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We decided to buy a new KB Home located in Northern California which we feel turned into a nightmare for our family. We found out from a family member that had purchased a KB Home back when the company was known as Kaufman and Broad that he also had a lot of issues such as no electrical boxes for light fixtures and a large slab crack running from one side of the house to the other along with foundation issues neighbors also had. There was also apparently a class action lawsuit. After talking with a few neighbors in our community so far we have already heard about issues with their KB Homes. KB Home made claims of quality construction, customer satisfaction and warranty for piece of mind, which we now feel were misleading and deceptive. The first issue we found is half of the attic had no insulation with 6-7" at the other side instead of 13" by code although we were led to believe this was an Energy Star home. Within a few months we noticed foundation cracks developing. We also noticed that the vinyl floor was bubbling in a line formation. Our KB Homes warranty representative said they would have their floor guy cut open the floor to inspect the problem and find out what needed to be done.

The floor guy arrives and says, "yeah, it's a crack, it's normal." I said "normal in a house that's only a few months old?" He replied, "yeah, all these houses have cracks, big cracks, cracks everywhere." I told him I didn't think that's normal, maybe some hairline cracks. He said "I'm telling you, cracks are normal." I replied, "if it's normal then why are there lawsuits over this kind of stuff?" I then said "listen, please just cut open the floor so we can see it." He then tells me "I'm not going to cut open the floor, KB Home is not going to pay me to put your floor back." We then get a call from a KB Home manager telling my wife "I need to come out and have a talk with your Husband." The KB Home manager arrives, never introduces himself and the first thing he says after coming into our house is "so I hear you're going to sue us," and in response I told him exactly what was said. He apologized and said the floor guy probably went down some roads he shouldn't have. The KB Home manager then tells me "this crack could go all the way across your living room to the other side of the house and if it does it's purely cosmetic and I'm telling you right now we're not going to pull any carpet." We later found a 30 foot slab crack under the carpet running from one side of the house to the other with an intersecting crack. We now believe KB Home committed warranty fraud.

KB Homes Customer Service Representative Quote "These are some of the best homes we've ever built."

We've had a lot of issues only asking KB Home to resolve a couple of issues we've had. We've fixed other issues ourselves or just lived with them. We noticed some slight indentations and bumps in our living room ceiling and upstairs bedroom ceilings developing that you can see in certain lighting. However the living room ceiling issues below our master bedroom had become significantly worse. KB Home attempted to repair the issue twice each time making things even worse. The first patch attempt left large streaks across an approximate 10 foot span of our living room ceiling. The wrong color was used to repaint so I repainted with the correct color then paid someone to repaint and the streaks wouldn't go away. We believe KB Home was more focused on trying to get the original drywall company to perform the repairs for little or nothing which had caused the repair quality to suffer. When our KB Home representative came out to look at the living room ceiling streaks we were told "this isn't bad, this is pretty normal after a patch, I've seen much worse." I made it clear that "if this isn't taken care of properly that we're going to have a problem." When I asked about our KB Homes living room ceiling still having some ripples and what looked like indentations of floor joists in other areas we were told "you actually have a very nice ceiling, I've seen much worse."

KB Homes Customer Service Representative Quote "KB Home doesn't pay for Warranty Repairs."

I then receive a call saying that a different drywall company working at KB Home Stockton is going to skim coat the entire ceiling and retexture. I finally thought that this would be taken care so we could have our living room back by Christmas. I moved all of our new living room furniture upstairs and removed all of the light fixtures and vents. We lived in our bedroom for several days due to the work. Even though the crews covered everything and tried to be careful there were scrapes from tools, handprints on our walls and the door trim and kitchen floor were nicked and there were carpet spots I had to clean. I started putting our living room back together, reinstalled light fixtures and vents. After turning the living room light on that evening I could see new lines and ripples now spread out over a larger area. KB Home finally agreed to take care of the ceiling issues by replacing the drywall. I explained that we wanted the ceiling to look like a new home without bumps, ripples and waves. We trusted that KB Home could properly resolve this issue hoping to finally be done with these problems. After KB Homes 3rd repair attempt when you turn the light on at night you can see ripples. The KB Home District VP we had been dealing with told us "there's nothing wrong, it's a nice ceiling." He then proceeded to say "this was the best crew, your expectations are way off."

Somehow after 3 repair attempts KB Homes still cannot properly resolve our living room ceiling issues and we've had enough. We've never seen a ceiling in any lighting that looks anything like this from any other builder and none of KB Homes model homes had ceilings that looked like this. We had to live in our bedroom for weeks with our baby, became sick and suffered bloody noses from breathing so much joint compound, drywall dust and paint fumes on multiple occasions all for nothing. We were told by our KB Home Customer Service Representative "these are some of the best homes we've ever built", however we've never seen anything like this in older or newer homes from any builder. We put a lot of time and money into this new home expecting to be able to live here for a long time. We were even considering things like crown molding but there's no point if we feel like we're living in a slum home. Our experience turned into a nightmare when KB Home was getting ready to leave our community. We absolutely hate our KB Home and it has made us miserable with all of its problems and defects. KB Home has made us so incredibly frustrated, angry and miserable that we wanted to express our tremendous frustration and dissatisfaction. For a list of additional problems we've already experienced click the "Other KB Home Problems" link below.

KB Homes Warranty Service Representative Quote "You have a very nice ceiling, I've seen much worse."

Original KB Home ceiling photos taken October 2011



Ceiling photos taken after KB Home smoothed bumps



Ceiling photos taken after KB Home left large streaks



After ceiling work by KB Home to cover up the streaks



After 3rd KB Home repair attempt replacing drywall



KB Home says it's a nice ceiling and nothings wrong



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